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Our sponsors share the vision that we can apply our resources to make this world a better place to live. They also believe that we can influence the future generations by educating and inspiring them about the possibilities. With the help of our sponsors, we will deliver on our promises quicker, and for that we are grateful!

If you would like to be part of this exciting endeavor as a corporate sponsor, and would like to collaborate with us in your marketing efforts, as a future corporate sponsor, you can contact us for our sponsorship opportunities.

Also listed below are the donations that we received in the chronological order from individual donors - their donations mean that they share our dream and that we are on the right track. Their contributions validate our dream, and for that we are thankful. Future individual contributors can review their options here.

PLEASE NOTE that our past sponsors empowered us to carry out our mission from 2003 until 2020. Please make sure to browse them as well.


Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities Available

Title Sponsor: How would you like to be associated with historic firsts? Think about a long term branding opportunity which will last forever. Naming the Pacific crossing as a corporate challenge will buy you that distinction. You will also earn the first right of refusal to name the remaining sections for more impact.

Did you know that Erden is planning a second circumnavigation by human power?

Boat Sponsor: The last team to use our boat named her Calderdale. The Boat Sponsor will have the naming rights to this ocean rowing boat. The name may be a corporate brand or a message which supports our nonprofit mission.

Blade Sponsor: The Blade Sponsor will have have the right to place their logo or message on our oar blades. This eye catching piece of equipment representative of the hardwork and dedication required in ocean rowing, is very visible both in video footage and in images of the rowboat.

Summit Sponsor: The Six Summits Project will reach the highest summits on six different continents. We have this opportunity available for six funding sponsors.

Education Sponsor: This category is open to additional sponsors who will specifically support our educational initiatives. Our Educational Fund for Content and Communication will be replenished with this category of sponsorships.

Special Category sponsors: Working with the potential sponsors, we will identify specific areas of sponsorship which will highlight their corporate branding. This creative approach will allow us to tailor the needs of our sponsors for the most benefit from the human powered journey and the associated educational effort.



Silver Sponsors
  Peter Ackroyd & Joan Alworth
Michael Williamson


Elliott Bay Design Group (EBDG) is a full-service, employee-owned naval architecture and marine engineering firm that supports owners, operators and shipyards. They provided Erden with 3D scanning services of his plywood rowboat then modified outlines to facilitate building a new composite rowboat. This build is still possible in the future.
Ironmark Law Group, PLLC, provides legal services and counsel for small to mid-size companies, creatives and other lawyers in the areas of intellectual property (copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets) and corporate law. Ironmark serves a variety of individuals and entities within the United States and throughout the World. They have been our legal counsel since the very beginning.
Marjinal Porter Novelli is a well established advertising and PR services firm based in Turkey. They are the Turkish partner of Porter Novelli, a US-based global PR company, since 2003. They offer total marketing communication services which include consultancy, strategic planning, advertising, media planning & buying, media relations, event management, promotional materials, web services and professional training. With their professional help, our programs gained significant visibility in their markets.
WorldClinic is a unique medical practice dedicated to providing first class medical and telemedical care to an exclusive group of corporate executives, individuals, families, and residences that require an immediately available physician, at any time, wherever they are. Dr. Daniel Carlin M.D. established WorldClinic in 1998, drawing on years of experience as a medical officer in the US Navy and later as an expatriate volunteer. WorldClinic meets the needs of people whose work and lifestyle frequently took them out of contact with modern medical care. Erden has a medical duffle on his boat provided by WorldClinic and will have access to medical advice from the sea by satellite phone should that ever be necessary.
BOB Trailers, Inc. (BOB stands for Beast of Burden) makes quality single track trailers for long distance touring bicyclists. They are also known for their quality strollers. BOB provided Erden with the reliable IBEX trailer with suspension to carry his climbing gear to the mountains on the land phases of the human powered journey, the Six Summits Project.
OrtliebUSA is the provider for Erden's waterproof panniers, handlebar bags, and the associated mounting racks, all designed for touring bicyclists that are always in need of durable gear. They say that Ortlieb material is bulletproof, but fortunately Erden did not have to test that claim literally...
Fisheries Supply in Seattle was where Erden shopped exclusively for parts and supplies. Fisheries Supply Company was founded in Seattle, WA in March of 1928 by veterans of the fishing industry. Today with its 50,000-plus SKU inventory Fisheries Supply provides a convenient one stop shop for those planning to venture out to open seas like Erden.

2021 Contributions
Michael Williamson
Peter Ackroyd
Wayne Wallace
Marc Ellis

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