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The First and The only Turkish Adventure Racing Team
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We are in the business of realizing dreams, and helping others achieve theirs.

Neither the work that Around-n-Over does, nor the human powered circumnavigation would be possible without the help of our Board of Directors, our officers and all the volunteer hours that we have received from numerous individuals who are now our loyal fans and friends. While we may not be able to recognize all of such help, art skills to create the logo and to design the T-shirt that Jeremy Cranford, and the marketing expertise that Murat Kaan Güneri brings to our team are great examples. We have all partnered to bring the journey to our audience for education and for inspiration.

  • Passion Catalyst is a company that Curt Rosengren started to help individuals find the path to a more satisfying career, and corporations to seek passion in the workplace. Curt offers workshops to corporations and groups, as well as one on one sessions with his clients.
  • In addition to his valuable community and nonprofit work, Christopher Beer, the founder and managing partner of Ironmark Law Group, PLLC, provides legal services and counsel for small to mid-size companies, creatives and other lawyers in the areas of intellectual property (copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets) and corporate law. Ironmark serves a variety of individuals and entities within the United States and throughout the World.
  • Marjinal Marketing Communications was established in 1993 with the objective of offering advertising and PR services. With a team of 38 professionals working in 7 different departments, the agency became the Turkish partner of Porter Novelli, a US-based global PR company, in 2003.

    Marjinal offers total marketing communication services to all its customers. These include consultancy, strategic planning, advertising, media planning & buying, media relations, event management, promotional materials, web services and professional training.

  • MKG & Partners is Turkey’s first boutique leadership services firm. They are a retainer search firm focusing heavily on the placement of Executive and Non-Executive Level talents. Established in Istanbul by veteran search consultant Murat Kaan Güneri, their team of professionals specialize in leadership services.

    MKG & Partners brand associates with integrity, high-quality service and creativity in addressing the human capital requirements of their clients. The client-base includes leading indigenous and multinational companies in all major business sectors in Turkey.

  • Jenifer Clark´s Gulfstream is a service started by Professional Satellite Oceanographer Jenifer Clark, with 26 years experience as NOAA's Gulf Stream expert. She and Dane Clarke, a professional meteorologist, provide mariners realtime ocean charts for sailboat racing, boat deliveries, ocean cruising, and offshore fishing. Using infrared imagery, satellite altimetry data, and surface isotherm data, they produce oceanographic analyses and make these available for the Gulf Stream area and all the major currents of the world. They also provide waypoints are provided for taking advantage of favorable currents and for avoiding unfavorable ones.

    Jenifer and Dane Clark offered Erden and Nancy a weekend ocean weather seminar in the summer of 2004, and remain supportive to this day during the critical ocean phases. As the Clarks say, we "don´t leave port without it."

  • We have established a partnership with The Mountain Fund to accomplish our charitable goals together. This is an umbrella organization which brings together the resources of various nonprofit organizations. Their mission is to organize grassroots nonprofits and NGO's from a diversity of disciplines and support and coordinate these organizations' efforts to eliminate poverty, its causes and symptoms, in mountainous communities.

    Mountain Fund is also the home of "Climb-Aid, The Climber's Alert Network" which was established to provide assistance to the families of missing climbers. Following the loss of Charlie Fowler and Christine Boskoff in China, the need to provide structure in the aftermath of such events which range from coordinating search and rescue efforts to media relations, from tiding over distraught families to legal counsel, was obvious in the climbing community. This is when Mountain Fund stepped forward.

  • London based Ocean Rowing Society is the premier authority on the sport of ocean rowing. Their dedicated staff and president Kenneth Crutchlow keep a careful tally of all accomplishments ocean rowing, have been central to the organization of multiple ocean rowing regattas from the Canary Islands to Barbados in the Caribbean, and are a huge source of knowledge. Guinness World Records has assigned the Ocean Rowing Society as the adjudicator of ocean rowing records.

    In having their phones available 24 hours a day, the Ocean Rowing Society first provides the much needed common sense to the often over-enthusiastic future ocean rowers, then take on the role of angels ensuring their safety, putting the spouses' minds at ease and answering to rescue beacons to coordinate Coast Guard or other action.

  • Amateur Maritime Federation represents all noncommercial users of the sea in Turkey. Yachtsmen and sailors work with this federation to ensure proper paperwork for their boats, for their certifications and for representation.

    It was during the Atlantic Ocean crossing, between the Canary Islands and the Caribbean that the federation caught up with us, chipping in toward the expedition costs without hesitation. Since then, they have been promoting the upcoming ocean rows to their membership and in facilitating the Turkish bureaucracy for sponsorships.

  • Turkish Geographical Society represents the science of geography in Turkey. It brings together geographers, carthographers, educators and members from other cross disciplinary organizations. They organize annual conferences and provide regular publications.

    The Turkish Geographical Society was helpful in bringing the Six Summits Project to the attention of the Ministry or Education in Turkey. They appreciated the fact that the human powered circumnavigation and its use of the naturally existing phenomena, provided a wonderful opportunity to create educational value. In working together, there is now the opportunity to reach a larger number of students.

  • Corinthian Yacht Club was founded in 1886 and their club house is one of California's oldest landmarks. With a glorious "Colonial Revival" facade and majestic corinthian columns, the club has a breathtaking panoramic view of the city by the bay.

    Corinthian Yacht Club is home to friends of the legendary British ocean rower Peter Bird who was lost at sea during his latest attempt to row from Vladivostok to North America. They graciously hosted the pre-departure events surrounding Erden's Pacific Ocean row from San Francisco to Australia on Peter Birds 25th anniversary of rowing the same route.

  • Associação Naval de Lisboa is a club of 150 year history based in Lisbon. Their athletes actively compete in international rowing championships and are home to sailing enthusiasts in Lisbon. Recently they celebrated their 150th anniversary with an international regatta to which Around-n-Over was invited to display our boat.

    Associação Naval de Lisboa was the home to Erden Eruç and Tim Harvey while in Lisbon. They facilitated with the boat preparations, included us in their functions, and sailed with us at the send off from in front of the Monument to Descobrimentos (discoveries) in Belem.

  • Clube Naval de Cascais, founded in 1940 has been influencial in the development of nautical sports in Portugal, with special emphasis in sailing. The club has trained many master Portuguese sailors who went on to compete in the Olympics and international competitions, earning the club medals. The club has hosted international races near Cascais, which offers great wind conditions.

    Clube Naval de Cascais was the refuge for Erden and Tim after the winds changed directions on them during their October departure from Lisbon. The boat was tied to CNC buoys, and they remained on land busy in CNC offices with logistics.

  • Real Club Náutica de Gran Canaria was founded in 1908 in Las Palmas. In 1960 it moved to its current location in the Puerto de la Luz. With an impressive list of winners getting National, European, World and Olympic awards, Real Club Náutico de Gran Canaria has an impressive sports record. In July 2000, the International Olympic Committee awarded the club with the CIO PRESIDENT CUP, "because of its dedication to the sport and its outstanding sports record."

    While in Las Palmas, the club hosted Erden and Tim, providing a venue for media gatherings, handling desperate package deliveries for supplies including a replacement satellite phone, and offering a place to call home.

  • Joel Rogers - Photography Northwest Worldwide provides picture stock and assignments on adventure, travel, environmental, societal and economic subjects for advertising and editorial clients. Joel specializes on the West and World Coasts, Mexico and Alaska, Environmental Issues, Seattle and the Pacific Northwest with particular attention to international Sea Kayaking and Competitive and Recreational Rowing - both the largest files in the nation.
  • The Washington State Coalition for International Education is an affiliation of individuals and organizations committed to preparing all students for today's interconnected world. Among the goals of the coalition are the integration of international perspectives into P-20 school curricula, the expansion of world language education and the encouragement of all forms of international exchanges.
  • Starting in 1996, Amazon Associates program was the first online affiliate program of its kind. Today, it is the largest and most successful online affiliate program, with over 900,000 members joining world wide. In this program, Associates drive internet traffic to Amazon.com through specially formatted links to benefit both parties.
  • In Association with Amazon.com
  • Launched in 1997, the mission of iGive.com is to enable the economic power of individuals to benefit their chosen causes. The company enables consumers to shop at online merchants while directing up to 15 percent of every purchase to support their favorite worthy causes. Around-n-Over is already a member of this online community with over 500 vendors that includes names like Borders Books, REI, Dell, The New York Times, and Office Depot to mention a few.

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