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Our sponsors share the vision that we can apply our resources to make this world a better place to live. They also believe that we can influence the future generations by educating and inspiring them about the possibilities. With the help of our sponsors, we will deliver on our promises quicker, and for that we are grateful!

Below sponsors have enabled us to achieve our goals as a nonprofit between 2003 and 2012. We are forever grateful for their timely help.


Main Sponsor
  AKTAŞ Group

Education Sponsors
  The PBSJ Foundation

Gold Sponsors
  ENKA Spor Eğitim ve Sosyal Yardım Vakfı, İstanbul Adalar Kürek Kulübü, İstanbul
Türk Tanıtma Fonu
Delta Trade & Consultancy

Silver Sponsors
  Metin Egeli (Damla Industrial Products)
İsmail Karahan (INTRA Consulting)
Peter Ackroyd & Joan Alworth
Al Menzl
Levent Selamoğlu
Matthew & Katje Kear
Karen Lamelle
Soner Terek

PR Sponsor in Turkey
  Marjinal Reklam ve Tanıtım


Mountain Madness
Associação Naval de Lisboa
Clube Naval de Cascais
Pathfinder bike shop
Real Club Náutico de Gran Canaria
Club Nautique d'El Jadida
Corinthian Yacht Club
Royal Papua Yacht Club
Lae Yacht Club
Lutheran Shipping
Lüderitz Bay Shipping & Forwarding
Ironmark Law Group, PLLC, provides legal services and counsel for small to mid-size companies, creatives and other lawyers in the areas of intellectual property (copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets) and corporate law. Ironmark serves a variety of individuals and entities within the United States and throughout the World. They have been our legal counsel since the very beginning.
Marjinal Porter Novelli is a well established advertising and PR services firm based in Turkey. They are the Turkish partner of Porter Novelli, a US-based global PR company, since 2003. They offer total marketing communication services which include consultancy, strategic planning, advertising, media planning & buying, media relations, event management, promotional materials, web services and professional training. With their professional help, our programs gained significant visibility in their markets.
Frabelle Fishing Corporation is a Philippine company which operates a large fleet in the waters of Papua New Guinea. Their vessels and kind fishermen picked up Erden's rowboat at the edge of the Bismarck Sea in May 2008 following his 312 days on the Pacific Ocean, cared for him and his boat, stored his boat in the Philippines and later returned him to the same spot in January 2009 to resume his crossing to land.
Swire Shipping and their local agent in PNG, the Steamships Shipping handled the logistics of storing Erden's rowboat in Lae, and later forwarding it to Port Moresby. They also facilitated the supply and repair logistics of the expedition phases in between.
WorldClinic is a unique medical practice dedicated to providing first class medical and telemedical care to an exclusive group of corporate executives, individuals, families, and residences that require an immediately available physician, at any time, wherever they are. Dr. Daniel Carlin M.D. established WorldClinic in 1998, drawing on years of experience as a medical officer in the US Navy and later as an expatriate volunteer. WorldClinic meets the needs of people whose work and lifestyle frequently took them out of contact with modern medical care. Erden has a medical duffle on his boat provided by WorldClinic and will have access to medical advice from the sea by satellite phone should that ever be necessary.
ClifBar started on a bike ride. When their founder Gary took a bite of another energy bar and thought to himself: "I can make a better bar than this!" Since then ClifBar has expanded their product selection to include protein bars, energy and fluid replacement drinks. ClifBar provided energy and protein bars for use during the row across the Pacific Ocean. "ClifBar for life!" is our slogan as well!
Vertical World climbing gym in Seattle is the training home of Erden during the rainy days of the Pacific Northwest. Vertical World gyms are the premier locations in Seattle, Redmond and Kitsap for rock climbing instruction and training. Vertical World is involved with the younger climbers and we share the common goal that, in contributing to the education of the youth through a physical activity, we open the door for them to dream, and enable them to reach for higher goals.
Mountain House is the #1 brand of backpacking foods which has been the choice of outdoor enthusiasts for over 30 years. Winner of the Gold Taste Award for the last 3 years, offering convenience, long-term storage and the best tasting freeze dried meals, Mountain House was the obvious choice for our ocean crossings.
Winslow Liferaft Company builds the world's best marine and aviation life rafts. WINSLOW Marine and Aviation Super-Light™ and Ultra-Light™life rafts have been rated #1 in every independent life raft evaluation in which they have been included. On the oceans, Erden will rely on a Winslow Standard Offshore Liferaft to save his life in an emergency.
BOB Trailers, Inc. (BOB stands for Beast of Burden) makes quality single track trailers for long distance touring bicyclists. They are also known for their quality strollers. BOB provided Erden with the reliable IBEX trailer with suspension to carry his climbing gear to the mountains on the land phases of the human powered journey, the Six Summits Project.
OrtliebUSA is the provider for Erden's waterproof panniers, handlebar bags, and the associated mounting racks, all designed for touring bicyclists that are always in need of durable gear. They say that Ortlieb material is bulletproof, but fortunately Erden did not have to test that claim literally...
LeisureCat helped us with boat logistics and fittings while in Perth. They make state of the art power catamarans used as pleasure, police, rescue, charter fishing and diving and small island ferry craft.
Concept2 is a company committed to the sport of rowing and rowers everywhere — on and off the water. Concept2 has been manufacturing the best oars in the world for 25 years, helping rowers achieve maximum speed and success. Erden regularly trains on the Concept2 Indoor Rower when not on the water. Concept2 provided us with two pairs of ocean rowing oars.
Katadyn of Switzerland has been producing high quality portable water systems since 1928 and is the most complete supplier of outdoor water systems. Their history has been one of innovation and durability. Katadyn products are used by militaries, health organisations and outdoor adventurers worldwide. Erden is using a Katadyn Power Survivor-40E watermaker on his boat, and has included a manual Katadyn Survivor-06 in his emergency grab bag.
Fisheries Supply in Seattle was where Erden shopped exclusively for parts and supplies. Fisheries Supply Company was founded in Seattle, WA in March of 1928 by veterans of the fishing industry. Today with its 50,000-plus SKU inventory Fisheries Supply provides a convenient one stop shop for those planning to venture out to open seas like Erden.
Full Speed Ahead is the manufacturer of high quality bicycle parts made of cutting edge materials. FSA provided Erden with a new front bicycle wheel to upgrade his bicycle to disc brakes.
Feathered Friends, the maker of best down parkas and climbing gear, provided Around-n-Over with a down jacket as a grand prize for our fundraising raffle.
Recreational Equipment, Inc. provided the Novara Safari touring bicycle that Erden used on the roundtrip journey from Seattle to Denali in Stage 1. This bicycle was twice overhauled by REI stores in Anchorage, and later in Boulder to keep it on the road.

2013 Contributions
Stephen Testori
Julie Mikos
Soner Terek
David Dolben
Sam & Ruth Newman
Osman Ertugay
Bahadır Önalan
Yüksel Sezgin
Jorge Miguel Russo dos Santos
Nancy Steelman
Al Rosner
Metin Egeli
Sarah Seltzer
Julie Mikos
Kaan Altuğ
Alp Önalan
Matthew Kear
2012 Contributions
Avni Serdar Şentürk
Bill Inverso
Al Menzl
Elizabeth Smith-Fries
Soner Terek
Alp Önalan
Elizabeth Swayne
Anay Yazlalı
Richard Labat
Doug Hilderbrand
Diane Read
Kevin Horsley
Sandra McKenna
Thomas Cramblin
Thomas Hornbein
Kenneth Berry & Naoko Oguchi
Donald Manghelli
Matthew Kear
David Dolben
Peter Ackroyd
Joan Benner
Augusto Natividad
Ferit Toska
Norman Watts
Kenneth Olsen
Carol Ege
Michael Williamson
Judy Houppert
Mehmet Levent Selamoğlu
Chris Nowak
2011 Contributions
Dündar Sunal
Ayşe Nalbantsoy
Can Keskinaslan
Fatih Kocabaş
Arkadaş Özakın
Jeffrey Sterken
Julie Ruef
Engin Selçuk
Martin Talarico
Pınar Kapralı
Diana Read
Sue Alford
Norman Watts
Donna Jeffries
Deb Richards
Gideon Sasson
Patrick Parenzin
Michael Cutliff
Susan Hoff
Wendy Booth
David & Carolle Speer
David Boone
David & Shannen Wyman
Dan & Jess Twardzik
C. Burdell & R. Durkan
Ann Milliron Espinosa
Selçuk Bilgin
Sally Lipscomb
Kenneth & Sarah Gray
Mountain Madness
Jan Paul
Joji Hirose
Avni Serdar Şentürk
Daniel Twardzik
Biray Yersu
Hüseyin Göçmez
Hüseyin Özmen
Michael Divina
Michelle Porter
Rebecca Peacock
Kenneth Berry
Alicia Hottle
Gideon Sasson
Patrick Parenzin
Wendy Booth
Patty O'Leary
Al Menzl
Osman Ertugay
James Cherberg
Margo Kurack
Diana Read
Dena Maturin
Julie Sharif
Vandermay & Enewold
Charles & Nancy Holman
Sybil Hatch
Jerry Killeen
Anita Bryant
İsmail Karahan
Cecilia & Rusty Osborne
Menekşe Nakkaşoğlu
Zuhal Topaloğlu
John Campbell
Elizabeth Fuhrman
Bruno Riollet
Ertan Gürçiner
Marie Anne Maurissen
Brian Sugden
Peter Uglesich
Emre Tok
Dale Johnson
Deniz Çağlar
Lara Underhill
Donald Brockway
Eleanor Wilson
Gina Bergeron
Lynn Gonzalez
John Fogarty
Daniel Henderson
Mark Davis
James Milliron
Soner Terek
Nick Slater
Grant Chyz
Jack Funes
Pınar Kapralı
Barbara Stewart
Eleanor Wilson
Gina Bergeron
Daniel Hoskins
Diana Henninger
John Fogarty
Don Rock
Janis Paul
Donald & Barbara Manghelli
E. Jackson & D. Gaal
Mehmet Levent Selamoğlu
Dilek Ercili
Anthony Solan
Thomas Hornbein
Peter Vetto
Joan Alworth
Brett Wolfe
Anay Kamer
Alper Dalkılıç
Ferit Toska
Gary Yngve
Paul Etsekson
Robert Mellon
Grace Kim
Diana Henninger
Don Rock
Michael Norman
Sybil Hatch
Cecilia Green
Alp Önalan
Eric & Sharon Jensen
Lisa Richardson
Stuart Silk
Martin Talarico
Lynn Gonzalez
Primo fundraiser
Mark Davis
Daniel Henderson
James Milliron
Ad Beurden
Selena Gee
Grace Kim
Brian Garza
Korkud Demirel
Emre Altuğ Yavuz
Bill Hinsley
Paul McKinley
Andrea Granahan
Sam Newman
Robert Schauer
Steve Swenson
Nuri Dağdeviren
2010 Contributions
Öztürk Günce
Peter Uglesich
Hakan Kocakulak
Menekşe Nakkaşoğlu
Tümer Mimi
Fatih Kocabaş
Nezih Öztüre
Pınar Yavuz
Nuri Dağdeviren
Arkadaş Özakın
Bülent Akdemir
Hüseyin Göçmez
Cengiz Hatiboğlu
Aykut Türker
Dündar Sunal
Barbara Stewart
Ruth & Sam Newman
Hüseyin Altınışık
İsmet Güngördü
Melbourne'dan dostlar
Ümit Cafer Özakın
Ege Biyoteknoloji Sanayi ve Ticaret
Mike Norman
Berrin Görgüç
Ekrem Fırtınaoğlu
Ertuğrul Fatih Sever
Kıvanç Özüölmez
Ahmet Tufan
Neşe Okakın
Piri Reis Denizcilik Kulübü
Donald & Barbara Manghelli
Enis Bengül
Bülent Akdemir
İlhan & Baykan Saya
Soner Terek
Nilüfer Çalışkan
Özkan Gülkaynak
Evren Sütekin
Mikayil Köroğlu
Dilek Ercili
Erdinç Gökalp
Alparslan Tansuğ
Nedim Kara
Hüseyin Akcan
Murat Ülman
Osman Ertugay
İsimsiz, Cooktown
Güzin Şeflek
Gideon Sasson
Ertan Nacaroğlu
Nejat Anbarcı
Aziz Uras
Stephen Kinnaman
Tufan Hüseyni
Zerrin Altınışık
Vecihi Acun
Egemen Aydoğan
Hasan Tahsin Gürtay
2009 Contributions
Öztürk Günce
Ian Taukuro
Soner Terek
Wayne Wallace
Susan Alford
Kenneth Olsen
Asım & Sheryl Bolca
Steve Reynolds
Nan Knitter-Jack
Groom Wilkes & Wright LLP
Al Menzl
Joe Knight
Judy Houppert
Abdullah Almaç
Rosie Kear
Ümit Gökçe
Mesut Süzer
Amir Afrassiabi
Serdar Dalkır
Kat Marriner
Steve Swenson
Adam McBride
Osman Ertugay
Korkud Demirel
Paul McKinley
Peter Ackroyd & Joan Alworth
Thomas Hornbein
2008 Contributions
Süleyman Soysal
Mehmet Uğur Koçarslan
Abdulkadir Genç
Ger Ailesi:
    Felin, Kurt, Figen ve Gürkan
Ayşe Ayşen Erdi
Serhat Balkan
Sıtkı Timuçin
Murat Sökmen
Bekir Aslaner
Oğuzhan Yılmaz
Onur Güden
Nuri Dağdeviren
İzmir Koleji & BAL
Mehmet Uğur Koçarslan
Hasan Tahsin Gürtay
Mehmet Oğuz Divilioğlu
Atila Koç
Ramazan Cem Gürdeniz
Ahu Narin
Salih Reşitoğlu
Hüseyin Tanrıverdi
Ali İhsan Gören
    PROMET Steel Ltd, UK
Mustafa Cumhur
Ahmet Şükrü Köse
Haldun Ulusoy
Stacey Hoopes
Cinni, Elaine, Lisa & Nan
Barbara Stewart
Miguel Gomez
Jeremy Cranford
Ferit Toska
Joan Benner
Ellen & David Hecht
Al Rosner
Işın Kurtuluş Yılmaz
Jeremy Cranford
Ahmet Şükrü Köse
Efdal Kürşat Sezer
Biray Yersu
İrem Demirci
Peter Uglesich
Hasan Tahsin Gürtay
Kathryn Schauer
Alp Önalan
Şükrü Murat Cebeci
Mehmet Emin Gönal
B. Nagode
Ayhan Olgun
Donald Mangelli
Ahmet İhsan Telli
Levent Selamoğlu
İlknur Ersun
Alpaslan Tansuğ
Kutlu Torunlar
Hüseyin Nacak
Ahmet Nazım Davran
Işıl Öz
Mehmet Adil Gül
Mustafa Demirci
Gani Müjde
Cenk Uysal
Cafer Levent Karataş
Lin Shih
Matthew Kear
Mülkiye Spor Kulübü
Bora Bilgin
Ufuk Güven
Mesut Çetin
Kerim Yılmaz
Sertan Girgin
Dilek Özkan Dayı
Ömür Akgün
Sıtkı Karadenizli
Güden Ailesi:
    Onur, Nihat, Bora, Maya
Ali Gündüz
Lyndon Redick
Melih Berk
Teoman Önol
Nazlı Yılmaz
Serap Işıklar
Tolga Genç
Müge Yirmibeşoğlu
Michael Naujocks
Ekin Özel
Ali Akyol
Nejat Anbarcı
Ronnie Henderson
Taner Alev
Cenk Levent Demiröz
Sunay Selçuk
Anıl Çivi
Ayla Müstecaplıoğlu
Burak Döneray
Ahmet Bahadır Giray
Doug & Gail Hilderbrand
Özgür Yazlalı
Jan Hyorsthoej
Symbiosis Derneği
James Rudy
Altay Noyan Uras
İsmail Tüfekçi
Al Menzl
Dave & Peggy Dunner
1954 Devresi Dayanışma Gurubu
    - İstanbul
1954 Devresi Dayanışma Gurubu
    - İzmir
Altan Lök
Niall McCann
Daniel Mazur
Metin Savaş
Cemal Eruç
Aliye Tetik
Galip Baysan
Brian P. Hanson
Omar from Algeria
Heath Foxlee
İrfan Ovacık
Michael Swayne
Mollie Alworth
Elaine Johnson
Peter Ackroyd & Joan Alworth
Şekure Arslanoğlu
Arkadaş Özakın
Kurt Bittner
Thomas Hornbein
Dennis Hahn
Derek Elliott
Gary Yngve
Tolga Tekin
Mustafa Ergen
Hürriyet Gazetecilik ve Matbaa AŞ
2007 Contributions
Peter Ackroyd & Joan Alworth
Metin Egeli
Al Rosner
Ali & Yasemin San
Mary Orvis
Kenneth Silsbee
William & Ada Wallace
Prasoon Khanal
Harry Jackson
Brian Hoots
Polli Hamlin
Eric Christianson
Fred Oberdorfer
Tom Lynch
Susan Alford
Norman Watts
Andy Skelton
DeeAnn Perler
Dave Schieble
Metin Egeli
Gideon Sasson
Sıtkı Timuçin
Simon Lowings
Barış Akkırış
Thuy Senser
John Fluno
Louise Flanagan
Deniz Kaman
Frank Robertson
Nurdan Mete
Al Menzl
Nuri Dağdeviren
Cafer Levent Karataş
Lawrence Lobb
Hande Oktemus
Dean Eilertson
Ender Karaca
Andrea Rose
Nan Knitter-Jack
Michael Swayne
Tracy Bell
T Kennison
Ümit Gökçe
Michelle Kline
Kenneth Olsen
Cynthia Ferguson
Brad Vickers
Esra Bayoğlu Flener
Wayne Wallace
Fatih Muslu
Hasan Ateş Erim
Avni Serdar Şentürk
Erkan Özdemir
Ümit Cafer Özakın
Turan Savaş Kavuncu
Ahmet Alper Parker
Hüseyin Nacak
Günseli Kartay
Gökhan Uzun
Norman Watts
Cenk Uysal
Erhan Bilgen
Doug Hilderbrand
Northwest Explorers
Hüseyin Akcan
Bülent Turan
Lebibe Sedef Turan
Bülent Turan
Şenay Türker
Linda Sarıgöl
Erdem Nuri Yılmaz
Ruth Newman
Melissa Ginocchio
Arthur Badger
Eric L. Johnson
Donald Manghelli
Ali Tuncer
Willie Weir
Susan Alworth
Joan Alworth
Matthew Kear
Levent Selamoğlu
Hakan Avdan
2006 Contributions
Karen Lamelle
Levent Selamoğlu
Thuy Senser
Biray Yersu
FTAA members
Sencer Kutluğ
Mesut Göksu
Richard Wood
Andrea Rose
Maestro Pepe
Zeynep Hancı
Bilge Akdora
Mugs Boardman
Carol & Jerry Kahn
Claire Byrne
Matthew Kear
Joe "Doc" Knight
Sam Newman
İrfan Topsakal
Jorge Luis Carballo
2005 Contributions
Larbi Sabbari Hassani, Wali (mayor) of Doukkala-Abda Region and Governor of Safi in Morocco, is one of two members of the honor committee of the nonprofit "Les Amis de Thor Heyerdahl" which has the goal of perpetuating the ideas of Thor Heyerdahl, his humanist and universalist vision favoring a dialog between cultures and religions, and exchanges between civilizations. He kindly hosted our team during a visit to Safi by rowboat in November 2005.
Amatör Denizcilik Federasyonu
Bridgid Myers
Alp Aracı
Berrin Görgüç
Birgül Egeli
Cem Şenakaylı
Dilek & Aydın Erdoğan
Fatih Karadağ
Fuat Aslan
Hakan Abacı
Mehmet Şen
Metin Egeli
Menekse Nakkaşoğlu
Mustafa Naymanlar
Oğuz Caymaz
Seyfi Ersoy
Ünal Zenginobuz
Lincoln Chan
Ina & Joe Inaya
Madison Sebrine Dyhre Hansen
Ana M Berrios Flores
Pedro Coimbra
Bill Leyrer
Mugs Boardman
Mark Smith
Casey Jones
Ana M Berrios Flores
Lisa Fernow
Donna Rigas
Heather Boetto
Wilson Binger
Bengi Özkaplan
Mohamed Hamama
Josh Kaplan
Lindsey Saunders
Peter Ackroyd
Selçuk Yavuz
Pedro Pedrosa
Joaquim Ribeiro
Erin Crouch
Jorge Luis Carballo
Matthew Kear
Coşkun Ünal
Carlos Ribeiro Ferreira
2004 Contributions
Bruce Frank
Cameron Mallory
Cory Groom
Jeremy Cranford
Susan Alford
Kenneth H. Olsen
Richard E. Brower
Angela Goldmann
Doug Hilderbrand
Al Menzl
Melissa A. Ginochio
Joe "Doc" Knight
Heidi Kear
Mike Swayne
Susan Alford
William Talbott
Anthony Borgese
Peter Ackroyd & Joan Alworth
Kris M. Parfitt
Ellen & David Hecht
Hottle & Associates
Scott Cullen-Benson
Beryl Fernandes
Steven Scott
Adams City Climbing Eagles
Seattle FOH Office
Mesut Gündüç
Judith Mickenberg
Myra Horiuchi
Beylan Brown
William Petersen
Alp Önalan
Michelle Corsi
Robley Corsi
Dustin Welch
Emily Mabus & Dean Frasier
Ken Berry & Naoko Oguchi
John Sohl
John & Cricket Braun
Quentin Dexter
Murat Ülman
Bryan & Alisa Fairchild
Cle Elum/Roslyn Class of 2008
Erdinç Gökalp
Dawn Thomas
Margie Koehler
Sonya Keller
İsa Güven
Gerald Bell
2003 Contributions
Doug Hilderbrand
Al Rosner
Joe "Doc" Knight
Al Menzl
Sally Lipscomb
John Danilson
Crystal McEuen
Peg Watkinson & Bobbie
Chuck (Gotta Wanna
Ron & Sheryl Lockert
John & Karen Neff
Russ Harrington
Carol Kahn
Gideon Sasson
Erik Zytowski & Val Stouffer
Bill Napier
Mike Swayne
Melissa A. Ginochio
Levent Selamoğlu
Karen Lamelle
Jim Beall
Jeff Leikhus

Those who went out of their way

    The list below is by no means a complete one. It reflects the in-kind contributions from many individuals who provided Erden with valuable advice, knowhow, a place to stay, a warm meal or a refreshing drink during his journeys, or went out of their way to help. They were the ones extending a hand in friendship which made the journey worthwhile, and the story a memorable one. We included most of them in our dispatches as the journey unfolded, honoring their contributions and making them part of the story.
    Zergün Korutürk was the Ambassador of the Turkish Republic to Portugal in 2005. Ambassador Korutürk has a long history of public service, and is married to Ambassador Selah Korutürk, who was representing the Turkish Republic in Tunisia at that time. We were humbled by the kind assistance and the promotional effort offered by the Turkish Embassy during the days spent in Lisbon. We remain thankful.

    Madani Aït-Ouhani, the Moroccan representative and an active participant on RA II of Thor Heyerdahl in 1970, was responsible for researching pollution in world's oceans, contributing to a United Nations resolution to curb the same. Recipient of awards and international recognition, Mr. Madani continues to inspire the next generation of explorers and adventurers.

    Brownie Schoene
    Wilma Comenat
    Steve Nagode
    Jon Turk
    Richard Bangs
    Erik Weihenmayer
    Peter Ackroyd
    Frank Olding
    Brett Wolfe
    Dave Engle
    Steve Reynolds
    Sharon Reynolds
    Mike from REI
    Jeroen & Bianca van Blois
    Windy Point Inn
    Dan Campos
    Darryl Branley
    Vince Prince
    John Sam
    Keith & Evelyn Larabie
    Karen Ingles
    Prophet River RV Camp
    Bill Cardinal
    Jamie Dingwell
    Richard Resener
    Karen Zaumseil
    Steamboat Mountain Lodge
    Loryne Andrews
    Tetsa River Guest Services
    Tom Hornbein
    Emil Kossev
    Doug Thibault
    Ed Lockington
    John Trout
    Constable Ray Warner
    Mark from Fairbanks
    Andrew Cutting
    Al Gallo
    Terry Smith
    Fatih Ertekin
    Mary Herrick
    Jan McGillivary
    Andre Bettencourt
    Fernando Figueiredo
    Mohamed Ramdani
    Enis Fer
    Yalçın Dülger
    Çetin Öztürk
    Levent Karataş
    Peter Hogg
    Ed Sobey
    Augusto Natividad
    Christian Causapin
    Libnie Bordado
    James Antonio
    Rizaldy Flores
    Doming Elape
    Necil Nedimoğlu
    Nick Frankovitz
    Onur & Nihat Güden
    John Matthew
    Lea Henao
    Brent St. Hill
    Ingo Medek
    John & Janelle Marrington
    Gwesyn & Dale at Cape Flattery
    Penny Johnson
    Peter & Sayah Scott
    Atila Esener
    Mike Norman
    Peter Malcolm
    Michael Smewing
    Fanna & Susan Van Wyk
    Michelle Fourie
    Raymon Gryffenberg
    William & Sheryl Koff
    John Glidden
    Don Love
    Bill Nance
    McLaren River Lodge
    Nick Urban
    Wanda Jackel
    Roland Stuart
    Officer Mark Sylop
    Beda Tremp
    Dennis & Lana Bieber
    Dease River Crossing RV
        & Campground
    Don Hutchinson
    Michael Hutchinson
    Michelle Jensen
    Diane Hirschberg
    Patrick Parenzin
    Mike McQuaid Jr.
    Iskut - Survivor Lodge
    Conrad & Gerda Feldmann
    Jeff Johnson
    Nelson Patry
    André Patry
    AP Ranch, BC
    Cascade Bicycle Club
    David Argento
    Karen Lynn Maher
    Rachel Ligtenberg
    Donald "Poxits" Marsden
    Alice Modig
    Russ Graham
    John & Raeann Shear
    Al at the Stewart/Hyder info
        booth in Meziadin Junction
    Mushroom pickers at "The Zoo"
        near Kitwanga Junction
    Elf & Betsie
    Lisa Fernow
    Keith & Kimi
    Nic Stover
    Kim Seewald
    Lynton Weib
    Luis Ahrens Teixeira
    Vasco Empis
    Dan Mercer
    Erol Türkmen
    Halil Hatipoğlu
    Aydın Akşamgüneşi
    Selim İsa
    Michael Moradzadeh
    John Cramer
    Don Bekins
    Pepper Trail
    Jason Lewis
    Rich & Suzie Brower
    Relan Abiera
    Jaime Aldea
    Warren Richards
    Bob Bismar
    Emre Küsbeci
    Ben Ellinger
    Shaun Lovelock
    Ruth Bearpark
    Napoleon See Kee
    Nicholas Sabatino
    Neil & Rachel Schwebel
    Peter & Jenny Monckton
    Karen Stewart
    Nehar & Berrin Eroğlu
    Steven & Simone Blom
    Kevin Horsley
    Linda Bennett
    Danie & Odette Van Wyk
    Jannie Loots
    Graeme De Wit
    Heiko & Diane Metzger
    John Sohl
    John Climaco
    Asım & Sherry Bolca
    Frank Schwarz
    Bryan Fairchild
    Joshua Jackson
    Rich Meyer
    Matthew Kear
    David Coleburn & Sandy Nelson
    Dennis & Brigitta Regelsperger
    Kirk Kuykendall
    Gib & Joan Regelsperger
    David Ainslie
    Tommy & Beth Koehler
    Gregory Byerline
    Turgut Güneysu
    Ergun Yurdadön
    Jeff Gross
    Glen Collins
    Sol & Gert Newman
    Lynne & Michael Stephenson
    Murat Kaan Güneri
    Asuman Bayrak
    Zekai Doğanay
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