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Become a Financial Supporter

It is our goal that all educational content be provided to instructors and to schools free of charge. It is our dream to eventually meet in their classrooms the same children that will have followed our journey. It will be critical to maintain this web site and to remain connected to the same classrooms from the far ends of the world. Doing this from the middle of the oceans via satellite phone, and living up to the demands of our mission statement will require resources.

As for the human powered challenge, while we have received essential in-kind services and some gear donations from various companies, the human powered journeys remain primarily self-funded. With the strong sponsorship received especially from Aktaş Group between 2007 and 2012 during Erden's circumnavigation, we were able to direct donations from our individual supporters to our educational programs.

We now need new sponsors to complete the Six Summits Project in which Everest, Elbrus and Aconcagua remain. Erden summitted Mt. McKinley by human power in 2003. Mt. Kosciuszko and Mt. Kilimanjaro were done during his circumnavigation by human power in 2010 and 2011 respectively.

Erden will begin with a row across the Pacific Ocean starting in spring of 2021 from San Francisco to Hong Kong. This will be the beginnings of his journey to Everest then Elbrus. During this ocean crossing, he will share his observations raising awareness about plastics problem in our oceans. He will also carry beacons to tag any ghost nets that he may encounter for later collection. We are actively seeking scientists who may be able to take advantage of his rowboat as a "manned buoy."

If you feel inspired to make dreams a reality and would like to assist in furthering the educational mission of Around-n-Over, we welcome your support!!

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IRS recognized Around-n-Over as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Your contributions are tax deductible if you file your taxes in the USA. To become an individual sponsor, simply use the Donation Booth to the right. You will be taken to a PayPal page where you can make your donation by credit card.

As an alternative to using credit cards:

  • If you live outside the US, and you cannot find your country of residence in Paypal, or
  • if you would simply rather send a check,
please make the check payable to Around-n-Over and send it to:
    P.O. Box 19662
    Seattle, WA 98109-6662

Matching Gifts by Employers?
Employees: Corporate Matching Gift programs empower employees in many organizations to decide which worthy causes their employer should support. Many employers match the qualifying contributions of their employees toward worthy causes. If your employer promotes such a program, you will have an excellent way of adding to the value of your contribution toward our mission.

Employers: Similarly, if you are an employer and share our vision, you too can include Around-n-Over among your list of charitable organizations that your employees browse for matching gifts. Your gifts would make the difference.

Promote Around-n-Over
Please consider personally becoming our advocate. We live in a world of two degrees of separation. When you tell others about our projects and our mission statement, you will be creating possibilities previously inaccessible to us. We are primarily looking for access to students, then for additional donations and sponsorships.

  • Teachers: If you have teachers in your address book, please let them know. Through these teachers, we will reach substantially more students. Teachers belong to education related mailing lists, and if we win their hearts, they will spread the word.
  • Sponsors: If you know people who can reach decision makers for corporate marketing funds or foundation grants, by all means, do tell them, or please introduce us.
  • Friends: If you are excited and inspired by our projects, then your friends will likely be enthusiastic as well. After all, we choose our friends from like-minded folks. Your friends may be willing to tell others the same way, and maybe even donate.
  • General audience: You can make a statement of support by buying and wearing our t-shirt. It could prove to be a conversation starter with a stranger.
Link your personal or company web site to ours
When we increase the number of visitors to our web site, we are able to better meet the demands of our mission statement, not to mention our ability to attract sponsors.

Please copy the html code below onto your web site to help promote our cause. The Around-n-Over logo, which is our trademark, will appear in the size as you see here depending on the choice of code that you apply.

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Click on the image to the right for iGive.com, and you will find an online community of over 500 vendors that donate a percentage of your purchase amount to causes of your choice at no extra cost to you... These stores include L.L.Bean, REI, REI Outlet, Lands' End, PETsMART, Barnes & Noble, Gap, Expedia, Eddie Bauer, JCPenney, Office Depot, Staples, J.Crew, Dell, IBM, eBay, Spiegel, Drugstore.com, Orvis, HSN, Hallmark, Best Buy to mention a few. Since we are a 501(c)(3) organization, you will still get your tax-deduction if you so choose.

For example, if you go to iGive.com and renew your Wall Street Journal subscription, we get part of the subscription amount at no extra cost to you, and you get to keep the tax deduction. This is the corporate marketing dollars applied according to your wishes, and reflects the value that these corporations place on the traffic that they attract to their online stores. Also, if you were to tell your friends by sending online referrals from iGive.com, we would get $1 per friend that joins.

Donate Frequent Flier Miles
In the execution of our mission statement, we will need to fly often across the nation, and even around the world. With the flexibility that your miles would provide:

  • we can broaden our reach by visiting schools outside of our driving distance,
  • we can travel to meet potential sponsors or partners for effective in person presentations,
  • we can provide logistical support to meet Erden upon landfall from his rowing episodes, and to help in transitions from boat to bicycle or vice versa,
  • we can bring a camera crew to meet Erden at given intervals to document the journey such that we can provide a more complete coverage of the same for our audience, and
  • while Erden will strive to reach faraway destinations by human power, we can help the climbing team to fly near the mountains.
  • In addition, when forced to wait out hurricane seasons before ocean crossings, or winters for mountain climbs, Erden will have two options: one will be to return to US for additional promotional work toward our mission, or staying to report from where he is, becoming the eyes and ears of the students who will learn about the local customs and sites. In either case, whether it is Erden flying back home, or Nancy flying to meet Erden, airfares will be prohibitive.
We will better be able to afford the project with your help in reducing the transportation costs. Please e-mail us about this option.

Thank you for your support!!!

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