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"A dream without action is a pipe dream." - Erden Eruç at the Hutch School, Sept 23 2005




  • Held numerous presentations in the United States, Canada, Turkey, Portugal, Phillippines, Australia and Papua New Guinea reaching students in the thousands.
  • Contributed to the "Help rebuild schools in Sri Lanka" campaign by Room To Read following the tsunami.
  • Helped raise funds for the recovery efforts of Christine Boskoff and Charlie Fowler who died in an avalanche while climbing in China.
  • Contributed to the "Boskoff Memorial Fund" campaign to benefit Girls' Scholarships Program in Nepal.
  • Held dozens of teleconferences by satellite phone with primary school students in boarding schools in rural Turkey.
  • Raised funds for the projects of İLKYAR Foundation in rural Turkey. Fundraising results exceeded $76,000.
  • Contributed to the Premier's Disaster Relief Appeal to assist Queensland flood victims.
  • Provided $5,000 as a matching grant toward the building of a girls' dormitory in Batman, Turkey.
  • Bicycled 5,546 miles roundtrip from Seattle to Alaska
  • Climbed 20,320 feet (6,194m) high Mt. McKinley (Denali), Sea-To-Summit by human power
  • Bicycled 3,980 miles from Seattle to Miami.
  • Rowed the Atlantic Ocean solo between the Canary Islands and Guadeloupe.
  • Rowed across the Pacific Ocean solo between the shores of California and the waters of Papua New Guinea: 5,514nm as the crow flies, 9,684 nm total. Another 20 days of effort later on the Bismarck Sea brought the rowboat to PNG shores.
  • Set a new Guinness World Record for a solo oceanrower for longest time at sea: 312 days
  • Crossed Papua new Guinea north to south first by sea kayak, then on foot, then rowed across the Coral Sea to Australia, then continued south first by sea kayak then by bicycle to climb Mt Kosciuszko in Australia.
  • Bicycled west to Perth then Carnarvon, then rowed the Indian Ocean from Australia to Mahajanga in Madagascar in 137 days.
  • London based Ocean Rowing Society declared Erden Eruç the "first person to have rowed three oceans."
  • Rowed in 26 days from Mahajanga across the Mozambique Channel to Angoche in Mozambique. This completed the first ever mainland to mainland crossing of the Indian Ocean.
  • Bicycled from Angoche to Arusha in Tanzania, then climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro.
  • Bicycled from Arusha to Lüderitz in Namibia.
  • Rowed in 154 days from Lüderitz in Namibia to Guiria in Venezuela, completing the first ever transoceanic crossing by human power from the southern hemisphere to the northern, the longest distance by human power on the Atlantic Ocean, and also the second ever mainland to mainland crossing of the Atlantic from Africa to South America.
  • Continued by rowboat on the Caribbean Sea then into the Gulf of Mexico until landfall at Cameron, Louisiana.
  • Concluded his self-propelled circumnavigation at Bodega Bay on 21 July 2012.
  • Having spent 876 days rowing on the world's oceans with the same boat, Erden Eruç is the most experienced oceanrower alive in the world.
  • Erden Eruç covered close to 29,000 nautical miles in his ocean rowing career, the most miles by any person in history.

    Six Summits Expedition

    If you have Google Earth installed on your computer, you can see the actual track realized during the human powered circumnavigation effort as a red line by clicking here.

    During the remainder of the Six Summits Project, Erden will:

    • plan a separate expedition to reach by human power the remaining summits Everest, Elbrus and Aconcagua.

    Home Stretch

    Erden launched on Caribbean Sea by rowboat from Carupano in Venezuela, passed the Yucatan Channel and reached Cameron in Lousiana. By then, he had amassed a total of 876 days on the same rowboat rowing the world's oceans, which makes him the most experienced ocean rower alive. He then had to bicycle west across the southwestern USA to return to the starting point of his circumnavigation: Bodega Bay. Erden concluded his circumnavigation on 21 July 2012.

    Latest Ocean: South Atlantic

    After climbing Kilimanjaro, Erden bicycled southwest across Africa to Lüderitz in Namibia. He was able to launch from there on 10 October 2011, then took 154 days to reach Guiria in Venezuela. This was the first time that a human powered transoceanic crossing began in the southern hemisphere and concluded in the northern, and the second time since 1984 that a mainland to mainland crossing from Africa to South America. The total distance that Erden rowed of about 5400 nm became the longest distance by human power on the Atlantic Ocean as well.

    Third Summit: Kilimanjaro

    A difficult bicycle ride from Angoche in Mozambique to Arusha in Tanzania was required before climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. Erden reached Arusha on 5 June 2011, and the team including his 78-year old father, reached the summit of Kilimanjaro on June 14 (Stage 3).

    First Person to Row the Complete Indian Ocean

    After his row from Australia to Mahajanga in Madagascar, Erden rowed from there to Angoche in Mozambique over 26 days, making landfall on 20 April 2011. With this extra effort, he became the first person to have rowed the complete Indian Ocean from mainland to mainland from Australia to Africa.

    First Person to Row Three Oceans

    Following the climb of Mt. Kosciuszko, Erden bicycled west across the arid Nullarbor Plain toward Perth. He prepared his rowboat there in June 2010 then bicycled north another 900 km to the coastal town of Carnarvon. The launch date from Carnarvon on the Indian Ocean was 13 July 2010. Erden made landfall at the port of Mahajanga on Madagascar 137 days later on 26 November 2010.

    After this accomplishment, the London based Ocean Rowing Society declared Erden "the first person to have rowed three oceans." He had already rowed on the north Atlantic and the Pacific earlier. By then, Erden had passed the halfway point on his circumnavigation.

    Second Summit: Kosciuszko

    Erden resumed his circumnavigation journey on foot from Finsch Harbor until Bukawa village, located about 40km east of Lae. Bukawa became the beginning of a sea kayaking journey to Lae, then southeast toward Oro Bay, following the Solomon Sea shores of PNG. A coast to coast crossing of PNG was completed in November of 2009, from Oro Bay to Port Moresby using the Kokoda Track over the Owen Stanley Range. This was followed by 33 days of intense rowing on the Coral Sea, bringing the journey to Sharp Point on Cape York Peninsula on January 10, 2010. The rainy season required avoiding the muddy roads on the Cape York Peninsula in favor of sea kayaking its far northeast shores. Dodging Cylone Olga, crocodiles in mating season, mosquitoes, sand flies, march flies and mangrove swamps, Erden reached Cooktown on February 15, 2010 where paved roads began. It took 40 days and 3,607km of bicycling to reach the alpine village of Thredbo below Mt. Kosciuszko, the second summit of the Six Summits Project. This was climbed on April 10, 2010, concluding Stage 2.

    Circumnavigation Began

    Between May 3-16, 2007, Erden Eruç bicycled from his home in Seattle to the Corinthian Yacht Club (CYC) in Tiburon, on the north shores of the San Francisco Bay with the intent to reach Australia to climb Kosciuszko (Stage 2). After two false starts in June from CYC and after a long wait of five weeks for the right conditions, Erden finally launched on the Pacific Ocean from Bodega Bay on July 10, 2007 in his rowboat for his human powered circumnavigation. Bodega Bay is the official starting point of Erden's circumnavigation attempt. Erden stayed at sea until May 17, 2008 which was when it became clear that a resupply at sea was not going to be possible.

    Erden's rowing journey of 312 days on the northern Pacific Ocean until 17 May took him to the waters of Papua New Guinea, 5,514 nm away as the crow flies. His original plans of rowing to Australia had been dashed by a full blown La Nina that was in effect, the strong southeasterly winds generated by which did not allow passage across the Equator. The 312 days at sea is the new Guinness World Record for the "longest solo ocean row" category.

    Erden returned to the same location on January 15, 2009 with his rowboat, and 20 days later, made landfall at Finsch Harbor in Papua New Guinea on February 4, 2009. This concluded his land-to-land crossing of the Pacific Ocean and the Bismarck Sea. With this accomplishment, Erden Eruç was included in the Ocean Rowing Society statistics: Pacific Ocean solo rows east to west

    First Summit: Denali (McKinley)

    The journey began on February 1, 2003 when Erden Eruç left Seattle for Denali (Mt. McKinley) in Stage 1. This was the first of six summits to be climbed as a tribute to Göran Kropp. Erden was riding his Novara Safari bicycle equipped with Ortlieb panniers, and towing a BOB Ibex Trailer. The road weight of the entire rig was 175 lbs including his climbing gear. Between February 1st and August 24th, Erden bicycled to Alaska, snowshoed 67 miles over the length of the Kahiltna glacier to the base camp with his friends, and summitted Denali on May 29, 2003. Following his wedding in Homer, Alaska, he bicycled back home still towing his climbing gear, Göran style. At the end of Stage 1, his odometer reading for the roundtrip was 5,546 miles.

    For Erden, the Denali phase is done except for the walk out from Kahiltna Base Camp to Forks Road House. This stretch was a distance of 67 miles covered on foot during the walk in. The team chose to fly out due to time constraints. Erden may go back to complete this remaining bit later.

    After taking a year to solidify the non-profit Around-n-Over and recruiting a strong team, Erden bicycled from Seattle to Miami between October 3 and December 25, 2004. Starting the circumnavigation by rowing out of Miami, and ending it there after a westward push was the intention. During that ride, Erden stopped at schools and REI stores to share the story with a wider audience. This 82 day and 3,980 mile trip provided him the much needed media visibility in the US.

    Erden's solo Atlantic row in early 2006, reinforced the advice that he had been receiving against the Miami departure. A continuous row around the world which created much risk and introduced fail points in the project, had been the original thought. Erden had wanted to reduce the carbon footprint of the journey by avoiding shipment of the rowboat, which eventually proved unfeasible. Further research and discussions with experts matured the circumnavigation to its current path, dropping the continuous row idea.


    Charitable Causes

         İLKYAR Foundation

    We are supporting the projects of İLKYAR Foundation in rural Turkey. With their focus on elementary and middle school children in centrally located boarding schools, and especially on trying to keep girls in school, İLKYAR provides the basic needs of these rural students entirely with volunteer help. Early on, contributions from the Turkish community drove our funding of İLKYAR projects. We do on occasion receive targeted donations from other contributors toward İLKYAR for which we are truly thankful.

    In April of 2007, we provided İLKYAR with the resources to fund two school libraries. Throughout his Pacific Ocean crossing, Erden Eruç rallied for an İLKYAR Donation Campaign, especially encouraging Turkish donors. Erden was able to direct their donations toward İLKYAR since he had the full sponsorship of AKTAŞ Group for his crossing. Turkish Coalition of America provided a matching donation for our Pacific campaign total (List of contributors).

    Date of Funds Transfer       Amount
    2007, April       3,000.00
    2008, June (donations while on Pacific)       19,020.00
    2008, July (donations while on Pacific)       4,272.07
    2008, September (TCA Matching Donation)       23,292.07
    2009, April (Western Pacific İLKYAR Campaign)       1,290.00
    2009, May       1,454.22
    2009, August       1,326.72
    2009, November       1,200.00
    2010, May       1,200.00
    2010, June       3,810.40
    2010, December       6,500.00
    2011, March       3,250.00
    2011, April (remainder of all Turkish donations 01/01/2003-03/15/2011)       6,785.04
    2012, August       200.00
    2012, October       7,200.00
    2012, December       1,200.00
    2013, March       1,200.00
    2013, June       1,200.00
    2013, October       1,200.00
    2013, December       1,200.00
    2014, July       1,200.00
    2014, September       2,400.00
    2014, December       1,200.00
    2015, April         600.00
    Total benefit for İLKYAR:       $ 95,200.52

    To participate in the İLKYAR Campaign, please send your tax-deductible contributions to:

    Around-n-Over, İLKYAR Campaign
    PO Box 19662
    Seattle, WA 98109-6662


         Mateves Secondary School

    Located on the foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro, the Mateves Secondary School near Arusha has grown from no classrooms to just ten since 2006, while the number of students has blossomed to 1,200. It is expected that this number will increase to 1,600. To improve the quality of education at this school for existing students and to accommodate additional students, more classrooms have to be built.

    We are supporting the effort to expand the number of classrooms at the Mateves Secondary School. By tripling the current number of classrooms, the student-teacher interaction will be improved. The goal is to have 50 students per classroom in this school soon to service 1,600 students.

    Our partnership with Mountain Madness and African Environments allows us to have oversight of the funds committed to this project.

    Mateves Fund Activity       Amount
    Total contributions       24,155.39
    Total payments       -17,045.58
    Total associated costs       7,109.81
    Mateves Fund balance:       $ 0.00
    To participate in the Mateves Secondary School campaign, please send your tax-deductible contributions to:

    Around-n-Over, Mateves Campaign
    PO Box 19662
    Seattle, WA 98109-6662


         Batman Girls' Dormitory

    The nonprofit organization Bridge To Türkiye (BTF) had secured a $100,000 grant to build a dormitory in Batman located in southeastern Turkey. This would accommodate K-8 girls from rural areas. Batman has the lowest ratio of girls to boys in literacy, and the highest rate of suicide among teenage girls. Such a facility is a prerequisite for parents to trust that their children will be safe and for them to send the girls to school.

    BTF had decided to begin a campaign to double this grant through a fundraising campaign. They entered their last fundraising dinner with $190,000 in total. Around-n-Over offered to provide $5,000 as a matching grant to encourage donations there. The BTF campaign was concluded at the end of January 2011 with $201,000.

    Batman Girls' Dormitory       Amount
    Total grant       5,000.00


         Premier's Disaster Relief Appeal

    In partnership with our friends at Cooktown Cares, Around-n-Over contributed a symbolic amount to the Premier's Disaster Relief Appeal. This appeal was initiated by the Australian government to rebuild the areas of Queensland damaged by the floods and Cyclone Yasi in the winter of 2010-2011.

    Premier's Disaster Relief Appeal       Amount
    Total contribution       500.00
    To participate in this campaign, please find instructions at:
    Online donation page for the appeal


         Boskoff-Fowler Search and Rescue Fund (closed)

    Christine Boskoff and Charlie Fowler lost their lives on Genyen peak near Chengdu in south central China in late November 2006. The cause of the accident is assumed to be an avalanche. Charlie's body was located quickly on December 27th. The search effort for Christine continued when conditions on the mountain improved and was finally located on July 3, 2008.

    After the loss of Christine Boskoff and Charlie Fowler in southern China during their climbing expedition, we established the Boskoff Fowler Search and Rescue Fund (BFSAR). Together with Mountain Madness, we raised funds to be used specifically to defray the costs related to the search and recovery effort. All surplus funds were used in the spirit of the mission statement of Around-n-Over to honor the legacy of Christine Boskoff and Charlie Fowler.

    Improving the lives of porters and their well being had always been foremost in Christine's mind. Therefore a modest contribution was directed from the BFSAR Fund toward the Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project, which will be used to support their clothing lending program, classes for porters, and education of the public regarding proper porter treatment. This project is an initiative of the International Mountain Explorers Connection.

    The Boskoff Memorial Fund has since been established at Room to Read. Room To Read is an organization focused on bringing the gift of education to developing communities, and it has roots in some of the countries on the Six Summits Project itinerary. Following the tsunami disaster which impacted several countries along the Indian Ocean, Around-n-Over had already contributed a modest amount toward the "Help rebuild schools in Sri Lanka" campaign by Room To Read.

    Boskoff was a former board member of this nonprofit organization which helps establish schools, libraries and other educational infrastructures in developing countries. The memorial fund is dedicated to building a school in Nepal in Boskoff's honor. Donations to the Boskoff Memorial Fund will support this school and the Girls' Scholarships Program throughout that country, a program which was dear to Christine's heart.

    BFSAR Fund activity       Amount
    Total contributions       18,471.64
    Total associated costs       14,063.59
    Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Program       500.00
    Boskoff Memorial Fund       3,908.05
    BFSAR Fund balance:       $ 0.00


         Sri Lanka Tsunami Relief

    When Room To Read called for help to rebuild schools in coastal areas of Sri Lanka hit by the tsunami disaster, Around-n-Over contributed a symbolic amount to this fundraising campaign in early 2005.

    Help rebuild schools in Sri Lanka       Amount
    Total contribution       500.00



    Departure from Seattle toward Denali came quickly and we had few contacts with students along the way in 2003. One in particular was the Chalo Elementary School of Fort Nelson First Nation Reserve, where Erden Eruç held two sessions for 3rd and 5th graders, respectively. Since then, Erden has met in person with students numbering in the thousands.

    It was possible to help the students experience the magic of the journeys by satellite phone connections to classrooms. During his Pacific Ocean crossing in a rowboat, Erden held regular teleconferences with the primary level students in regional boarding schools in Turkey. The regular field trips by the İLKYAR Foundation volunteers to these schools provided the perfect opportunities to connect.

    National Museum of Education (NMoE) located in Akron, Ohio, WhaleNet sponsored by the Wheelock College in Boston, Massachusetts and the Northwest Invention Center (NWIC) based in Redmond, Washington have become our partners, adding educational value to our human powered endeavors.

    We believe that the educators will leverage our content. Educators know best how to teach the students, and how to access the educational system. Around-n-Over will remain a catalyst for this educational mission.

      To specifically support these educational programs and
      partners, please send your tax-deductible donations to:

      Around-n-Over, Education Fund
      PO Box 19662
      Seattle, WA 98109-6662

    Examples of Erden's school visits are as follows:

    • two sessions at the Gatzert Elementary School in Seattle, for Kindergarten and 3rd graders,
    • three sessions over two visits for 2nd, 4th and 6th graders at the Springbrook Elementary School in Kent, WA,
    • one visit with the Adventure Club students at the Madrona Junior High School in Edmonds, WA,
    • 12 sessions held over three days for the students of Rogers High School in Spokane, WA, engaging over 500 students - these included their "Learning Expeditions" groups, professional technical classes, and their soccer team, and
    • six sessions during a one day visit to Cle Elum-Roslyn High School and Walter Strom Middle School to address over 200 students.
    • one session for the 4th grade students at Lowell Elementary in Everett
    • Rose Hill Montessori School in Boise, Idaho
    • one presentation and another discussion session at the Hillcrest Elementary in Ogden, Utah
    • Crestview Elementary School in Boulder, Colorado
    • Alsup Elementary School in Commerce City, Colorado
    • Adams City High School in Commerce City, Colorado
    • Heatherwood Elementary School in Boulder, Colorado
    • two presentations at the Chesterfield Day School in St. Louis, Missouri
    • Wren Hollow Elementary School in St. Louis, Missouri
    • Grasslands Middle School in Nashville, Tennessee
    • Three presentations at the Autrey Mill Middle School in Alpharetta, Georgia
    • Bryant Elementary School in Seattle, Washington
    • Gelişim İlköğretim Okulu, Eskişehir, Turkey
    • Milli Zafer İlköğretim Okulu, Eskişehir, Turkey
    • TED Vakfı Okulları, Ankara, Turkey
    • Tevfik Fikret Okulları, Ankara, Turkey
    • Öğretmen Hüseyin Hüsnü Tekışık İlköğretim Okulu, Ankara, Turkey
    • Bornova Anadolu Lisesi, İzmir, Turkey
    • Three presentations at Piri Reis İlköğretim Okulu, İzmir, Turkey
    • Müjgan Karaçalı İlköğretim Okulu, Ankara, Turkey
    • Two presentations at HEV Kemerköy İlköğretim Okulu, İstanbul, Turkey
    • TED İstanbul Koleji, İstanbul, Turkey
    • Two presentations at İlhami Ahmed Örnekal İlköğretim Okulu, İstanbul, Turkey
    • Three presentations at the British International Schools, İstanbul, Turkey
    • Hutch School in Seattle
    • Cooperativa A Torre in Lisbon, Portugal
    • Colégio de Santa Maria in Lisbon, Portugal
    • Showalter Middle School in Tukwila
    • Greenwood Elementary School in Seattle
    • Boy Scouts of America, Troop 361, Federal Way
    • Üsküdar Esatpaşa Trade School in İstanbul
    • Güngoren Mustafa Kemal Elementary School in İstanbul
    • Çakabey Elementary School in İzmir
    • TAKEV Elementary School in İzmir
    • Ankara Science High School
    • ENKA Elementary School in İstanbul
    • Howe Manning School in Middleton, Massachusetts
    • Fuller Meadow School in Middleton, Massachusetts
    • St. Aloysius Elementary School in Spokane, Washington
    • Pleasant Valley Middle School, Vancouver, Washington
    • Denny Middle School, Seattle, Washington
    • Somerset Elementary School, Seattle, Washington
    • University Child Development School, Seattle, Washington
    • Eastlake High School, Sammamish, Washington
    • Grand Ridge Elementary, Issaquah, Washington
    • Redmond Elementary, Redmond, Washington
    • Odle Middle School, Bellevue, Washington
    • Ateneo de Manila High School, Manila, Philippines
    • Laboratory High School at University of Philippines, Los Baños de Laguna
    • Newsland Phonic Elementary School, Kamlawa, Papua New Guinea
    • Cameron Secondary School, Alotau, Papua New Guinea
    • Numerous story telling sessions in Papua New Guinea coastal villages
    • Cooktown State School, Cooktown, QLD, Australia
    • Distance learning student at Palmer River Roadhouse, QLD, Australia
    • Pindi Pindi State School, Calen, QLD, Australia
    • Koumala State School, Koumala, QLD, Australia
    • Two Mile State School, Gympie, QLD, Australia
    • Sunshine Coast Grammar School, Forest Glen, QLD, Australia
    • Suncoast Christian College, Woombye, QLD, Australia
    • Isik College, Melbourne, VIC, Australia
    • Murray Bridge North Schools, Murray Bridge, SA, Australia
    • Augusta Park Primary School, Port Augusta, SA, Australia
    • Hannans Primary School, Kalgoorlie, WA, Australia
    • St. Mary's Anglican Girls' School, Perth, WA, Australia
    • Hillary's Primary School, Joondalup, WA, Australia
    • Padbury Primary School, Joondalup, WA, Australia
    • Sorrento Primary School, Joondalup, WA, Australia
    • Fremantle Primary School, Fremantle, WA, Australia
    • Phoenix Primary School, Hamilton Hill, WA, Australia
    • The Little School, Bellevue, Washington
    • Alki Elementary School, West Seattle, Washington

    Public presentations help us carry our message to a wider audience. These appearances have opened doors for us into many schools. When instructors become aware of our efforts and our mission, we usually receive a warm invitation to schools as a follow up. Our goal is to have as many public presentations as possible.

    As of this date we have:

    • Participated in the Cascade Climbers Fall Ropeup in Leavenworth, WA.
    • Presented at The North Face store in downtown Seattle.
    • Presented at the REI Flagship Store in Seattle, WA.
    • Held a presentation at the Second Ascent store in Ballard, near Seattle, WA.
    • Presented for The Mountaineers in Everett
    • Presented for The Mountaineers in Seattle
    • Presented at the Seattle Vertical World
    • Presented at the REI in Boulder, Colorado
    • Presented at the REI in St. Louis, Missouri
    • Presented at the REI in Brentwood, Tennessee
    • Held a presentation for the University of Washington Climbing Club
    • Presented at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma
    • Presented on their Redmond campus for Microsoft Adventures
    • Presented at Osmangazi University in Eskişehir, Turkey
    • Presented at Middle East Technical University Alumni Clubhouse in Ankara Turkey
    • Presented for İDADİK in İzmir, Turkey
    • Presented for Ankara Rotary Club at The Hilton in Ankara, Turkey
    • Presented for Levent Rotary Club at Divan Hotel in İstanbul, Turkey
    • Presented for Boğaziçi University Alumni Association in İstanbul, Turkey
    • Presented for Zirve Mountaineering Club in İstanbul, Turkey
    • Presented for Doğa Aktiviteleri Gurubu in İstanbul, Turkey
    • Presented for Yıldız Teknik University Mountaineering Club in İstanbul, Turkey
    • Presented for Boğaziçi University Mountaineering Club in İstanbul, Turkey
    • Presented at Associação Naval de Lisboa in Lisbon, Portugal
    • Presented at the Pacific Northwest Chapter of the Explorers Club
    • Presented at the Şişli Rotary Club in İstanbul
    • Presented at the Ataköy Marina in İstanbul
    • Presented at the İstanbul Sailing Club
    • Presented at the Marmara University Medical School at Koşuyolu, İstanbul
    • Presented at the Kartal State Hospital in İstanbul
    • Presented at the Turkish Naval Academy at Tuzla, İstanbul
    • Presented at the Education Department of Boğaziçi University,İstanbul
    • Presented at the Uludağ University in Bursa
    • Presented at the Zirve Mountaineering Club in Bursa
    • Presented at the Aktaş Group Executive Committee in Bursa
    • Presented at the Buca Rotary Club in İzmir
    • Presented at the Eskişehir Rotary Club
    • Presented at the Turkish Rowing Federation Executive Committee meeting
    • Presented at the Kartal State Hospital in Istanbul
    • Presented for the Adalar Rowing Club in İstanbul
    • Presented for the Ege University Student Groups in İzmir
    • Presented at the Piri Reis Nautical Club in İzmir
    • Presented for the Zirve Mountaineering Club in İzmir
    • Presented at the Hacettepe University Mountaineering Club in Ankara
    • Presented at the Ankara Sailing Club
    • Presented at the Middle East Technical University, Mountaineering and Winter Sports Club
    • Presented at the Annual Meeting of Aktaş Group in Bursa
    • Presented at the Annual Meeting of Mustafa Nevzat Pharmaceuticals in Antalya
    • Speaker and exhibitor at the 2007 Seattle Boat Show
    • Feature Speaker and booth exhibitor at 2007 Seattle Bike Expo
    • Presented at the Gonzaga University, Spokane, WA
    • Presented at the Washington State University in Vancouver, WA
    • Presented at The North Face store in Portland, OR
    • Presented at the Haliç Rotary in İstanbul
    • Presented at BÜMED (Boğaziçi University Alumni Association) to benefit BÜVAK (Boğaziçi University Foundation)
    • Presented at the Naval Fleet Command in Gölcük, Turkey
    • Presented at the Mine Clearing Fleet Command in Erdek, Turkey
    • Presented at the Annual Meeting of Mustafa Nevzat Pharmaceuticals in Çeşme, Turkey
    • Presented at the Neptune Mountaineering in Boulder, CO
    • Presented at the Cruising Club of America in Tiburon, CA
    • Presented at the Dolphin Club in San Francisco, CA
    • Presented at the Corinthian Yacht Club in Tiburon, CA
    • Presented at the Emerald City Rotary, Seattle, WA
    • Presented at the Seattle Sail and Power Squadron, Seattle, WA
    • Presented at the Turkish Cultural Center in Auburn, Sydney, Australia
    • Presented at the Rotary Club of Kalgoorlie, Western Australia
    • Presented at the Rotary Club of Boulder, Western Australia
    • Presented at the Fındıklı Rotary Club, İstanbul, Turkey
    • Presented at the Turkish Navy Headquarters, Ankara, Turkey
    • Presented at the Dağ Kültürü Derneği, İstanbul, Turkey
    • Presented at the Hillside Club, İstinye Park, İstanbul, Turkey


    Atlantic Crossing (completed)

    Erden Eruç joined Tim Harvey in Lisbon to help Tim across the Atlantic Ocean. This row was in assistence to bring Tim's allegedly human powered Vancouver to Moscow journey back to Vancouver, done exclusively in the northern hemisphere. This row was not part of the Six Summits Expedition.

    The duo left Lisbon on October 16, 2005, then was held up in Cascais, 12nm due west, with opposing winds until November 9. They were eventually able to make progress due south to El Jadida and Safi in Morocco, arriving at Las Palmas de Gran Canaria on December 11th. Since Jan 1, 2006, Tim Harvey and Erden Eruç are pursuing their own personal objectives.

    Beginning on January 29, 2006, Erden Eruç continued alone from Las Palmas to the island of Guadeloupe in the Caribbean Sea. His crossing time of 92 days put him into the Caribbean Sea on May 2, 2006. Erden concluded his row near the island of Guadeloupe three days later on May 5.

    With this accomplishment, Erden Eruç became:

  • the first Seattle resident to row across any ocean
  • the first Turkish person to row across any ocean
  • the 33rd person to row the Atlantic Ocean solo east to west
    • We hope that you followed along:
        92 days across the Atlantic solo from Canary Islands, landfall at Guadeloupe on day 96!!!
          Reports from the boat -- Reported Location
          Ocean Rowing Society -- Home Page -- Maps by ARGOS Beacon

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